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Japan Air Tech Co., Ltd., to recognize the importance of “utilization and protection of personal information” in the global information society, for all of the personal information to be handled on the business, will comply with relevant laws and regulations and other norms. On top of that, do the development as well as the operation and management of voluntary regulations that also consideration to international trends related to the protection of personal information, and these together with the well-known thorough all employees and other stakeholders, we will continuously maintain and improve you.

Japan Air Tech gets the personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner, it does not perform illegal collection.
Nippon Airtech will only use for the response and confirmation of the inquiry the use of personal information. You may also leave an inquiry of record for this purpose.
If Japan Air Tech, which holds personal information in-house, will endeavor to keep accurate and up-to-date content to the extent necessary to use purpose.
Japan Air Tech when the handling of personal information, will take necessary and appropriate measures for safety management, such as prevention of destruction, disclosure, alteration.
In the handling of Japan Air Tech personal information, and consideration so that the data subject (person) can be properly involved.

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