The Long International Technology Co.,ltd provides professional design and manufacture services, installation of cleanroom equipment, cleanroom for the hospital, pharmaceutical, electronic, food and beverage industries.
In our effort to continuously improve our manufacturing process and production quality, we were awarded ISO9001:2008 certification for quality system management in manufacturing.
Especially, from 2016 we have started to joint in collaboration with Airtech Japan - the most famous Japanese brand in the technology field in order to manufacture cleanroom equipment in our domestic with brand Airtech The Long . We expect to offer to product with high quality and most suitable price to customer in Viet Nam.


Air filter

ULPA filters and HEPA filters are two products used in clean air purification systems, which are the purest filtration products and are the ultimate filtration product in the system. ULPA filters and HEPA filters are essentially the same, but ULPA filters have a higher purity of 99.995% – 99.99999% with particle size 0.12 – 0.3m. HEPA filters have a filter efficiency of less than 99.99% @ 0.3 microns. Main applications: Clean room air purifiers such as laboratories, hospitals, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc. wherever clean air and sterile conditions are required.

Air shower / pass box

Airshower is installed at doorway of cleanroom to prevent dust and contaminant on the clothing of people or material that brought into the room. It removes dust by using HEPA filter with high-speed blower. Because of interlock, doors at both side can not open at the same time, also has air lock to cut off outside air and the clean room. Normally, airshow is also cleaned at rest. Path box is a double-door box used to put goods into clean room, and is equipped with cleaning equipments.

Clean air system and equipment in the operating room

In order to ensure the safety of health care workers and patients, we have to set up systems including clean rooms, clean air filters, equipment used in rooms. clean room, operating room cleaning equipment. Understanding the necessity of standard products for the health sector, Aircraft Joint Stock Company has researched, researched and devoted itself to become a provider of medical equipment and professional services for the. customers worldwide. As one of the manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment using gas technology in Vietnam, we always focus on the most advanced technologies of the health sector, gas filtration technology is provided all over the world. gender, and efforts to apply these technologies. At the same time we give full advantage to the Vietnamese manufacturers to meet the criteria: “Made in Vietnam, customer service global.”