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AIRTECH The Long Autumn 2019

August sky is brilliant

Full moon festival with red flags and flowers

Mid-Autumn Festival converges all

Children excitedly sing and rejoice

According to the annual tradition, every August full moon, Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company bustled to organize Mid-Autumn Festival for the children of the Company's employees.

Wishing to bring the children a Mid-Autumn Festival night full of joy and laughter, on the evening of September 11, 2019, the Board of Directors and the Trade Union of the Company organized the program "Full Moon Night 2019" for nearly 100 children are employees of the Company.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Duong Dinh Ninh - Head of HR and Administration Department, said: The Board of Directors and Trade Union of the Company are always interested in the spiritual life of families, children of employees and always want more connected not only with employees working at Airtech The Long but also the future generation of Airtech The Long.

The Mid-Autumn Festival program also creates opportunities for children to exchange, unite and love to help each other. Through the event, we hope that you always remember the traditional cultural values ​​of the Nation. Wish children always happy - healthy - study well, deserve good children, good students.


Airtech The Long - 2019