Vinyl floor/Raised floor

Industrial flooring is one of the new materials and is now very popular in the Vietnamese market. It can be said that this is one of the future materials used to replace traditional materials such as floor tiles, floor mats, floor tiles …

Sanflor is one of the brands of Aircraft Joint Stock Company. Recognizing that trend and to meet the needs of customers Airtech Company The Long has also studied and selected the product design impressed and quality from the world’s prestigious manufacturers throughout Asia and Europe, giving our customers the best and most innovative experience.

Through years of supply and installation of millions of m2 of floor in the whole country, our company has accumulated much experience in the construction and clarification of the needs as well as the desire of customers, understandable. extreme weather conditions of Vietnam market. With a staff of dynamic, enthusiastic, with professional technicians, experienced.We have many reforms of quality, type, size, color … to bring Give customers the best products.

With dedicated dedication in its mission, Sanflor has met the stringent requirements of its customers and captured the hearts of consumers, and is well-known by professionals as architects. Design consultants are products of perfect quality along with colors and materials.

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