Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about each product

Clean booth / FFU

Is it possible to remove the gas-like substance in the HEPA filter?
A. HEPA filter will make the removal of particulate matter. Gas-like substance by adding a separate chemical filter and then removed by physical adsorption. Since different types of chemical filter by the substance to be removed at this time, the removal target gas, please contact the information of the concentration and the like. We will select the best filter.
I want to check the operating state of the filter unit
A. We with the status indicator on the filter surface in the standard specification. As a special specification, you can add the output of the like in the signal and differential pressure switch operation.
Is it possible to manufacture the filter unit corresponding to international standards?
A. UL-compliant products and, with respect to CE marking acquisition etc. individual your request, you can special products correspondence. If necessary, you can also test authentication correspondence by the certification body. Please consult your sales representative separately.
For the chemical resistance of the plastic curtain
A. The material of the plastic curtain is a soft PVC material. For the organic solvents or high concentration of chemicals, there is a risk of deterioration. When cleaning, please use the pure water or the like.
Is it possible to change the curtain material around the clean booth?
A. In addition to the standard transparent antistatic specifications, yellow, black, and can be manufactured in a semi-transparent, noncombustible material and so on various materials.

Clean bench / safety cabinet / isolator

Refrigerator air-cooled thermal chamber, Is either water-cooled?
A. Both are also possible to cope.
Where do you guarantee the position of the temperature and humidity of the thermal chamber?
A. Customers will be manufactured according to your needs. You can multi-point of guarantee from one point.
What is the difference between a safety cabinet and bio clean bench?
A. Bio-clean bench is merely clean bench, is a sterile operation. Handling of such pathogens can not be. On the other hand, safety cabinets can handling of pathogenic bacteria, and also you can aseptic operation.
Do you about how the life of the HEPA filter clean bench?
A. It depends on the use environment. In the case of the general chamber is about 1 to 3 years.

Air curtain for insect

I want to defend a wide range of opening an air curtain
A. Recommended opening width of the insect air curtain is up to 3.5m. In the case of more weakened air curtain air flow, not effective insect repellent effect is obtained. If you want to use in the operation on a wide range of conditions, we will propose will be a combination of separate insect machine such as a bug keeper, I am the insect management method.
Is it possible to prevent the entry of a large insect repellent air curtain?
A. Insect with a mass of beetles, etc., can not be completely protected for flying power is high.

Questions about the sales / maintenance

Or overseas product (international standards) is possible to correspond?
A. Of international standards corresponding is also possible. Since it depends on the product, please contact our sales.

Standards for clean air system


Hospital Equipment Standards
A. Cleanliness and arouse conditions of the hospital will be the zone classification from Ⅰ to Yuwen of Ⅴ. We propose our clean equipment to be used in each zone. zu7
Of safety cabinet standard
A. zu6
Standard on Biosafety
A. Biosafety / Biohazard countermeasure facility, the aerosol generated in the room will prevent the Monami to the outdoor. For this reason the room Unlike the clean room bio clean room is kept in the negative pressure. These are, WHO, US CDC, such as by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases have been standardized. zu5

Standards for particle

Standards for the pharmaceutical industry
A. The relationship between the class display and the number of bacteria by a particle has as a standard value the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration standards (NASA). The FDA has adopted the value of airborne bacteria of this standard. [CFU: Colony Forming Unit] zu2 WHO GMP was revised in 1992, the unit has adopted the metric system. Grade A, the difference of B is, Grade A is that you have a laminar flow. zu2 As a work area that needs to be controlled in the FDA, it has been divided into critical areas and controlled area. zu3 zu4
For clean room of cleanliness standard
A. Cleanliness standards There are several for airborne particles. Typical standard and is ISO standard, to display the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). US Federal Standard as reference (Fed, Std, the 209E US Federal Standard was discontinued in November 2001) Cleanliness material
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