Air shower / pass box

Airshower is installed at doorway of cleanroom to prevent dust and contaminant on the clothing of people or material that brought into the room. It removes dust by using HEPA filter with high-speed blower. Because of interlock, doors at both side can not open at the same time, also has air lock to cut off outside air and the clean room.

Normally, airshow is also cleaned at rest.

Path box is a double-door box used to put goods into clean room, and is equipped with cleaning equipments.

Feature of our Air shower / Pass box

  • Equipped with a high capacity pulse jet nozzle oself-developed by the company that patented
  • Using LED lapms and  brushless DC motor blower,  low power consumption.
  • Leading in manufacturing and installating cleanroom equipment in  Japanese.
  • Also adapt to installation requirement in other country.
  • We will come up with the most appropriate design to meet basic specification and customer 's requirements.

Using Air shower/Pass box

Airshower is installed at doorway of cleanroom with a system prevent dust into cleanroom. Widely used in food factories, laboratories in universities, pharmaceutical factories, hospital, electronic and precision machinery parts, semiconductors and LCD factories.
Weenies factory


Download audio data for the air shower voice guidance. Download the zip file from the link above, please do the rewriting of the voice in accordance with the pdf data, entitled "AS voice list rewriting procedure"
   Air shower/Pass box e-catalogue 1_6