Clean booth / SS-MAC / FFU

The clean booth is a facility for making space that is inexpensive and easily maintains high cleanliness. It is often used for local cleanup in existing buildings, high cleanliness in a clean room, etc. It is also possible to relocate. Our company stocks from high-end models with temperature and humidity adjustment function to popular type products that are easy to find and also responds to all demands including external dimensions.

Feature of our FFU/SS-MAC/Clean booth

  • It is significantly cheaper compared to a clean room.
  • We have many kinds of productfrom high-end specifications to SS type (inexpensive and customer-installable items) are available.
  • Convenient for local cleanup, high cleanliness in a clean room, relocation etc.
  • Various dimension.
  • We will respond to various demands such as chemical pollution control, temperature and humidity control, dark room specification, overseas specifications.

Using Clean booth/SS-MAC/FFU

It is used from various semiconductor and liquid crystal factories in various fields such as electronic and precision machine manufacturers, electronic materials manufacturing, food factories, pharmaceutical factories and so on. Female hand in ESD gloves holding tweezers and assembling white


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