At universities, medical institutions, laboratories, factories have to handle the case of organisms with the hazardous chemical. Hazardous, dangerous creatures that chemical called chemical hazards. At Airtech Japan, we are manufacturing these products ensure the safe operation of biological hazards such as harmful gasses, odors. Sources of harmful dust particles will be captured, filtered absorbed and eliminated. The dust removal equipment such as fume hoods pharmaceutical, sampling chamber for the pharmaceutical industry, it will be combined with a local post with vacuum gas. Furthermore, the deodorizing device and a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can be installed inside the safe alternative.

Feature of our deodorizing machine / chemical dust remover

  • To reduce the risk to workers, it has adopted a variety of ideas to improve safety.
  • Our suggestions meet customer 's requirement

Using deodorizing machine / chemical dust remover

These machine used in pharmaceutical research, laboratories of the universities, hospitals, chemical factories and pharmaceutical factories at high risk of chemical pollution.
Particle beam chip etching