Warranty Department Establishment Ceremony

Last Thursday (August 14th 2017), the ceremony for the establishment of the Warranty Department was held in the headquarter office of Thelong Airtech Joint Stock Company. The participators included President Nguyen Khac Long, the Boards of Directors and all the staffs working at headquarter.
Customer services, especially after-sale product maintenance and warranty procedures, are the bridge between the business and its clients. Success in this area will help earn client confidence. A close relationship with the customers is a key to a successful business.
Aware of the alignment between effective maintenance and warranty process and Thelong Airtech’s business development strategy and of its current situation, the Boards of Directors had decided to establish a Warranty Department with a primary role of meeting the Company’s needs in the new developments.

Tổng giám đốc trao quyết định thành lập phòng Bảo hành

Thelong Airtech President establishing the Warranty Department

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