AIRTECH THELONG had more than 10 - year experiences in cleanroom consultancy, design, installation and construction; manufacturing filters, clearoom and mechanical equipments.

AIRTECH THELONG is one of the multinational members of AIRTECH GROUP including 8 members (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, India, Vietnam). Airtech is a leader in research and development of products serving the industry such as: Medicine - Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Electronics, FPD Industry and Semiconductors, Hospitals, Laboratories and Universities ...

Air filter

ULPA filters and HEPA filters are two products used in clean air purification systems, which are the purest filtration products and are the ultimate filtration product in the system. ULPA filters and HEPA filters are essentially the same, but ULPA filters have a higher purity of 99.995% – 99.99999% with particle size 0.12 – 0.3m. HEPA filters have a filter efficiency of less than 99.99% @ 0.3 microns. Main applications: Clean room air purifiers such as laboratories, hospitals, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc. wherever clean air and sterile conditions are required.      

Air shower / pass box

Airshower is installed at doorway of cleanroom to prevent dust and contaminant on the clothing of people or material that brought into the room. It removes dust by using HEPA filter with high-speed blower. Because of interlock, doors at both side can not open at the same time, also has air lock to cut off outside air and the clean room. Normally, airshow is also cleaned at rest. Path box is a double-door box used to put goods into clean room, and is equipped with cleaning equipments.

Clean air system and equipment in the operating room

In order to ensure the safety of health care workers and patients, we have to set up systems including clean rooms, clean air filters, equipment used in rooms. clean room, operating room cleaning equipment. Understanding the necessity of standard products for the health sector, Aircraft Joint Stock Company has researched, researched and devoted itself to become a provider of medical equipment and professional services for the. customers worldwide. As one of the manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment using gas technology in Vietnam, we always focus on the most advanced technologies of the health sector, gas filtration technology is provided all over the world. gender, and efforts to apply these technologies. At the same time we give full advantage to the Vietnamese manufacturers to meet the criteria: “Made in Vietnam, customer service global.”

Clean bench/ Biosafety cabinet/ Isolator

A clean bench is a clean work table used in laboratories, factories, etc. to prevent contamination of dust and germs and keep it in a clean environment. There are vertical type and horizontal type of the airflow. There are many types: self-contained type, desktop type, airflow circulation type, gas sterilization etc. A safety cabinet is a device that can prevent bacteria and microorganisms inside the equipment from leaking into the air and can also perform aseptic work. It can handle pathogenic microorganisms and genetically modified organisms that can not be handled with clean benches or bio-clean benches. The isolator works in a sealed box, and we have positive pressure type for maintaining sterility and negative pressure type for preventing leakage of anticancer agents and pathogens to the outside.

Clean booth / SS-MAC / FFU

The clean booth is a facility for making space that is inexpensive and easily maintains high cleanliness. It is often used for local cleanup in existing buildings, high cleanliness in a clean room, etc. It is also possible to relocate. Our company stocks from high-end models with temperature and humidity adjustment function to popular type products that are easy to find and also responds to all demands including external dimensions.

Clean supply

Realization of high cleanliness is not only equipment such as clean room, but also supply products (expendable items used in clean rooms) are also important. We calls supplies, consumables used in clean rooms, such as clothing, gloves, masks, cleaning tools, etc., as clean supply products, and has various stocks.

Cleanroom / BSL-3 / CPC

A cleanroom, according to definition of JIS (Janpanese Industri Standard) is ” a room with contamination control, cleanliness of airborne particulates in the air, floating microbial, molecular contamination is limited, and be managed in a standard cleanliness classification. Moreover, materials, medicine, water… also meet the specific requirements. This room also is controled temperature, humidity and pressure. In the clean room it is important to reduce as much as possible the dust in the air. The value that indicates clean state is the cleanliness (class). In addition to dust, for example, you will be asked for an aseptic state in the hospital. Food factory is the same: temperature and humidity control is extremely necessary. To relize these enviroments, or to reduce airbone particulate, control temperature and humidity, pressure, trace gas components, electrostatic, electromagnetic wave, micro-vibration, the cleanroom was born. On the other hand,the handling of such pathogens and genetic recombinants, in a room that was in negative pressure than the surrounding environment, you must have an air-tight room, such as a microorganism to the outside is not compromised. This is the Biohazard Response Office (BSL-3). In IPS cell processing, CPC is used.

Cleanroom facility

It is a device related to a clean room. Some devices are used in the clean room, used in the front room before entering the room, or used alone for cleanliness. For the front room and change room, you can use the equipment suitable for the application, such as garment stocker to store clothes, clean hand washing dryer to wash and dry fingers, clean hand dryer, storage cabinet where clean items can be stored. It is a device related to a clean room. Some devices are used in the clean room, used in the front room before entering the room, or used alone for cleanliness. For the front room and change room, you can use the equipment suitable for the application, such as garment stocker to store clothes, clean hand washing dryer to wash and dry fingers, clean hand dryer, storage cabinet where clean items can be stored.

Infection control facility

We have a large number of infectious disease control equipment aimed at preventing infection by pathogenic bacteria such as influenza in hospitals and laboratories. Patient countermeasures, medical staff, researchers, environmental countermeasure products, etc. are available. You can use it according to the place of use. These equipment is used to protect patients, medical staff, researchers,…You can use it according to the place of use.

Insect control facility

The insect-proof air curtain is used to block the insect by the air curtain airflow and prevent insect invasion. It is installed at the entrance of a warehouse or a room and operates when goods are carried in. Bug keeper is a device that sucks and insects that have invaded inside and insects that occur inside. You can use it with air curtain equipment. The bug shield is installed in the doorway and is a unit that combines a seat shutter and a bug keeper. It also prevents invasion of worming insects.


With many years of prestige and expertise, we produce central laboratory tables, test tables, biochemical test tables, research tables for physics, chemistry and biology.


At universities, medical institutions, laboratories, factories have to handle the case of organisms with the hazardous chemical. Hazardous, dangerous creatures that chemical called chemical hazards. At Airtech Japan, we are manufacturing these products ensure the safe operation of biological hazards such as harmful gasses, odors. Sources of harmful dust particles will be captured, filtered absorbed and eliminated. The dust removal equipment such as fume hoods pharmaceutical, sampling chamber for the pharmaceutical industry, it will be combined with a local post with vacuum gas. Furthermore, the deodorizing device and a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can be installed inside the safe alternative.

Vinyl floor/Raised floor

Industrial flooring is one of the new materials and is now very popular in the Vietnamese market. It can be said that this is one of the future materials used to replace traditional materials such as floor tiles, floor mats, floor tiles … Sanflor is one of the brands of Aircraft Joint Stock Company. Recognizing that trend and to meet the needs of customers Airtech Company The Long has also studied and selected the product design impressed and quality from the world’s prestigious manufacturers throughout Asia and Europe, giving our customers the best and most innovative experience. Through years of supply and installation of millions of m2 of floor in the whole country, our company has accumulated much experience in the construction and clarification of the needs as well as the desire of customers, understandable. extreme weather conditions of Vietnam market. With a staff of dynamic, enthusiastic, with professional technicians, experienced.We have many reforms of quality, type, size, color … to bring Give customers the best products. With dedicated dedication in its mission, Sanflor has met the stringent requirements of its customers and captured the hearts of consumers, and is well-known by professionals as architects. Design consultants are products of perfect quality along with colors and materials.

A wide variety of product

Airtech is the only one company specializing in clean air system in Japan.Airtech provides a wide variety of products designed in many different functions, business segments and price ranges.

Technological capacity and wealth of experience

Clean air system is introduced in various industries. Airtech has a large capacity for technology and wealth of experience for satisfaction of request specification and adapting to various installation environment. Airtech provides optimal solutions for customer requirements.

Unique technologies, 2 year guarantee

For more than 40 years, Airtech has contributed to the development of electronics industry, bio industry, food industry, and pharmacy by inventive solutions for air containment, contamination control and controlled environments. We realize high-degree cleanliness space with our unique technologies. We provide a customer with adequate after-sales service. We guarantee our domestic products for 2 year.

Global network

Airtech has 15 domestic and 5 foreign firms. (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, India) Please consult with our firm about possibility of introduction of clean air system, if you are thinking of expanding your business abroad.

A wide variety of products, meeting our customer’s requirements and various fields.


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