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Cleanroom / BSL-3 / CPC

A cleanroom, according to definition of JIS (Janpanese Industri Standard) is ” a room with contamination control, cleanliness of airborne particulates in the air, floating microbial, molecular contamination is limited, and be managed in a standard cleanliness classification. Moreover, materials, medicine, water… also meet the specific requirements. This room also is controled temperature, humidity and pressure. In the clean room it is important to reduce as much as possible the dust in the air. The value that indicates clean state is the cleanliness (class).

In addition to dust, for example, you will be asked for an aseptic state in the hospital. Food factory is the same: temperature and humidity control is extremely necessary.

To relize these enviroments, or to reduce airbone particulate, control temperature and humidity, pressure, trace gas components, electrostatic, electromagnetic wave, micro-vibration, the cleanroom was born.

On the other hand,the handling of such pathogens and genetic recombinants, in a room that was in negative pressure than the surrounding environment, you must have an air-tight room, such as a microorganism to the outside is not compromised. This is the Biohazard Response Office (BSL-3). In IPS cell processing, CPC is used.