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Air-knife Pass box

It is a pass box that removes the surface contamination of goods by using air flow with higher wind speed from air shower.
It is designed according to the dimensions of the goods. In addition, the conveyor and the shutters on both sides are interlocked and do not open at the same time.

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  • Remove contaminants adhering to goods at high wind speed from air shower.
  • The shutters on both sides and the conveyor work together, and the interlock is taken.
  • Dust removed from goods will be cleaned with pre-filter and HEPA filter by circulating air.

Dust collect efficiency
More than 99.99% at 0.3μm
Main filter: HEPA filter(3A-404050TLAU)×1
Main filter: Nonwoven filter (400×350 ×t12) ×2
Processing air volume
Air jet: Abt 5.8m³/min, circulating: Abt 3m³/min
Wind speed
Air jet:Abt 35m/sec
Air jet nozzle
ceiling width 4mm: 700ℓ
Air jet start
by external signal
Abt 71dBA *1m from the device, when opening doors
Power supply
AC200V 3Φ 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Abt 500W, circulating: Abt 80W
Equipment power
AC200V: Abt 1150VA *leakage current 1 mA or less
Blower *Turbofan DCBL
Operation switch
Touch panel, emergency stop switch
Abt 600kg
Body: powder coated steel, floor: none
Door opening and closing method
Up and down single slide type
Safety device
Safe ray
Moving method
Using conveyor
Door activation switch
By external signal
Opening / closing speed
Closing, opening: abt 15cm/sec
Power supply
AC200V 3Φ 50/60Hz