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Bio-clean treatment room

This is the treatment rooms for patients with leukemia, the bone marrow transplant patients. In the case of new design and construction, it also renovate existing room into simple sterile room. Differ from industrial cleanroom, this room considers the resident patients.


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  • It is a low-noise design in consideration of the resident of the patient.
  • Electric curtains, blinds can be operated from the bed.
  • Shower unit is collapsible so it is space-saving.
  • Shower, sterile water is supplied. In addition, the pipe can be sterilized.
  • Design based on the existing room.


Airflow system
Horizontal laminar flow
External dimensions
ISO5 at center (Class 100m)
Wind speed
Two-stage switchable low speed: 0.16m/s high speed: 0.33m/s
Noise level
40dBA or less in a room bed (during low-speed operation)
Power supply
Cross-flow fan system: AC200V 3Φ 50/60HzL(AG・GC electric circuit)+E14E
Out and Lighting system: AC100V 1Φ 50/60HzL (CVCF+E14 electric circuit)
Power Consumption
Cross-flow fan system: about 1600VA (at high speed) about 800VA (at low speed)
Sterile lamp, lighting system:Abt  500VA (not including outlet)
Dust Collection Efficiency
More than 99.99% at 0.3μm
Main filter:low pressure loss HEPA filter (1220 × 610 × t150) × 6
Pre Filter:dust collection efficiency more than 60% (gravimetric method)
Cross-flow unit: steel plate made of acrylic resin baking finish
Perforated plate: steel plate made of acrylic resin baking finish
Frame:steel plate made of acrylic resin baking finish
Curtain: colorless, transparent antistatic plastic curtain t0.2 (disaster prevention products)
Headboard: colorless, transparent acrylic 5t、Glove: synthetic rubber
Ceiling・Wall: color aluminum panel t42, discharge window: glass sliding door t3
Hand wash basin, toilet : pottery, shower unit bathtub: SUS304
abt 1700kgs
Accessories and accessory equipment
1 : vinyl access curtain (head boat, with a glove disaster prevention processed products)
2 :Single table
3 :Stainless long tray
4 :Folding blood collection table
5 :Reading lights
6 :Nightlight
7 :Medical gas outlet(oxygen, compressed air, suction)
8 :100V 6-neck socket
9 :6-neck Ground Terminal
10 :Comunication equipments
11 :Intern Phone
12 :Entrance electric curtain
13 :window electric blinds
14 :4 hooks
15 :Sliding blood sampling window
16 :TV antenna
17 :Swing TV stand
18 :Hand wash basin
19 :sterile water supply device (mixing with thermostat)
20:Shower unit
21:Electric closed exhaust damper
22:Lighting equipment
23:Nurse calling machine (included)
24:General broadcast speaker (included)
25:Storeroom for gas sterilization
26: Ceiling decorative panel
27:Window piping counter
28:Toilet bowl