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Biosafety cabinets ATV - BSC - 1300IIA2

A biosafety cabinet is a device that protects and ensures human safety by controlling the contaminated airflow from the inside of the cabinet as the first barrier to keep the operator and the surrounding environment free from contamination in laboratories of industries, research centers and manufacturing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. Biosafety cabinets can be divided into 3 levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. In which spectrum type The most variable are Class II, A2: 30% discharge, 70% recirculation.

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– Compliant with Class II regulations, Class A2 biosafety cabinets comply with US NSF / ANSI49 or European TUV-EN12469 standards.

– HEPA and ULPA do not leak in the air supply and exhaust system, ensuring cleanliness according to ISO Class 5 (Class 100) or ISO Class 4 (Class 10).

– Negative pressure and around the chamber of the cabinet ensures no gas leakage, no dust, infection.

– The 10-degree tilting display makes for a comfortable viewing experience.

– Hexagonal shelves can be dismantled to reduce work fatigue and make transportation easy.

– Regenerative air return mode in the front area (Patent No. ZL200520140353.8).

– Touch control panel and LCD, display airflow and alerts. Warning for sliding doors and lighting.

– Lighting and disinfection modes are interlocked.

– Safety relief valve and outlet, no leakage.

– The intelligent automatic supply system ensures a change in air volume of less than 10% when filter contamination increases by 50% and increases safety.

– Detect leaks in cabinets, do not leak gas at 500Pa.

– Leak detection in HEPA / ULPA, leakage rate is <= 0.01% (scan), <= 0.005% (no scan).


  1. Power supply: AC220V / 50Hz, AC110V / 50Hz, AC110V / 60Hz, AC220V / 60Hz
  2. Plugs and sockets.
  3. Water valve and air valve: Follow customer’s specific requirements.

– Case material: Whole set is SUS304.

– Stand type: As required by the user.




HEPA:ISO5(Class 100) / ULPA: ISO4(Class 10)

Dust collect efficience

HEPA:>=99.995%,@0.3 μm / ULPA:>=99.999%,@0.12 μm

Wind speed of blowing down


Wind speed of blowing in


Noise level


Power supply


Protection of operators

The total number of colonies is compressed in the sampling tool<= 10CFU./time

Total number of colonies in the slot of the sampling tool <= 5CFU./time

Protect items

Total number of colonies on the inoculum


Total number of colonies on the inoculum





Work area dimension


Overall dimension




UV lamp




Airflow direction

From the top down


Tùy chọn:

1. Nguồn cấp: AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz, AC220V/60Hz

2. Phích cắm và ổ cắm.

3. Van nước và van khí: Làm theo yêu cầu riêng của khách hàng.

– Vật liệu thân vỏ: Toàn bộ là SUS304.

– Dạng chân đế tách rời: Theo yêu cầu của người dùng.