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The treatment of cancer cells, experiments recombinant genes, infectious handle necessary prevention of biological contamination (BSL-3). The appropriate device based on the classification of infectious bacteria. With our experience in conducting construction, we design depending on the requirements of customers. Moreover, we also conduct maintenance and replace the filter and spray fumes in the room.


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  • Design base on the specifications of the combination of genes and Class of bacteria
  • Consider to work and product
  • Floor easy to clean
  • Using fumigation, the material that can withstand sterilization, etc., is a high-air-tight structure.


Dust collection effiency
Air supply: more than 99.99% at 0.3μm particles (atmospheric dust)
Exhaust: more than 99.99% at 0.3μm particles (atmospheric dust)
Ventilation times: about 10 to 20 times / H:
Pressure: under 30Pa
Air supply filter: HEPA filter (scan test product)
Exhaust filter: HEPA filter (scan test product)
Pre Filter: non-woven fabric filter
Air-conditioning system: All fresh formula, general air conditioning
Wall・ceiling: aluminum panel
Joint: seal by silicon glue
Floor: Long PVC panel
Door: Aluminum, colorless transparent glass
Air supply unit: ceiling shape
Exhaust unit: Ceiling Tsukatachi, able to connect to exhaust duct (sealed duct system):
Safety negative pressure damper: HEPA filter built-in, with alarm buzzer, lamp