Ceiling clean air system for operating room (one-speed type)

The clean air supply system of the ATV ensures the efficiency of avoiding cross-contamination that can occur when operating from one area to another and generated by dust particles.

This ceiling ventilation system is available in squares, rectangles, eight edges or circles to match the design of the room types and to meet specific requirements, to create a clean air zone around patients, medical personnel and medical devices. This operating room ceiling clean air supply system mainly uses our AHU Clinicair but can also integrate with different brands of products.

The system is designed specifically for operating rooms to achieve ISO5 (in compliance with EN SIO 14644 - 1) as well as for the pharmaceutical industry. It helps to avoid cross-contamination and hospital infections. We have developed two lines to meet the regulations of all countries:

  • NFS Series 90-351: rectangular, square, and 8-sided ceiling form (on request)
  • DIN 1946 Series: rectangular, round, 8-sided ceiling form

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X: A horizontal air filter in combination with LAF, dissipating air through perforated metal or stretch fabric

* 70mm thickness for 350mm or more height – initial pressure differential 100Pa@0.25m/s

Air spread through the face of the stretch cloth, filtering the air next to it.



  • Ceilings come in a variety of shapes that conform to the European standards NSF-90-351
  • Easy to install and replace air filter
  • Simple, fixed system
  • Can be used with all types of AHU
  • For example: ̣ In the photo is a clean air system with suspended ceiling CLINICAIR 3 Wind speed: 0.25 m / s to 0.5 m / s
  • Frame made of powder coated steel 15/10, Epoxy coating color paint RAL 9010 or Stainless steel (AISI304L or AISI316L)
  • Air dissipates through perforated steel or tension cloth
  • Side duct connection
  • Hepa H14 or Ulpa U15 air filter (optional)
  • Secondary filter F7, filtration efficiency 90 ≤ Em ≥ 95%
  • G4 primary filter, efficiency 90 ≤ Em
  • Metal side cover blanket to prevent air inlet (height 100mm) Epoxy paint (or optional barrier made of transparent material)
  • There is a space in the middle of the middle section for hanging technical lights
  • Pressure hose to measure differential pressure
  • Can install biogas system: disinfectant … (optional)