Chemical storage cabinet contains activated carbon filter ATV - BFH 1800

Chemical storage cabinet used to store toxic chemicals, preserving chemicals and protecting the user from the harmful effects of chemicals during their storage in the laboratory.


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– 4 doors can work independent.

– Whole structures of this cabinet are made from full plate iron with thickness, cutting by CNC machine. The door will not have any ripples after making powder coating.

– Glass frame is bevelled consistently curled by CNC cutters.

– Toughened glass with thickness 5mm on the door can make it easier to observe everything inside.

This cabinet has 5 decks in each compartment, all the distances between these desks can be changed as required. The inside of this cabinet has cover by perforated panels, that can connect with the exhaust air system.

– Supply power: 230V/50Hz.

– Exhaust fan and auxiliary materials and gas pipelines.



ATV – BFH 1800

Extenmal Dimension (W*D*H)

1800*900*2450 mm

Intenmal Dimension (W*D*H)

1620*700*850 mm

Number of desk


Number of desk compartment


Frame’s material

Powder coating steel with thickness 1,2 mm

Door’s material

4mm toughened glass and steel


Carbon filter


<65 dB


150 m3/h