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Clean booth made of SUS

It is a clean booth made of all stainless steel, suitable for installing in environments where hydrogen peroxide vapor etc is used for indoor decontamination. Validation correspondence is possible.


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  • GMP design
  • As for the surroundings, colorless transparent vinyl and polycarbonate board etc. are adopted.


Model F-ACB-221A
Cleanliness ISO5 class 100 (construction completed)
Dust collect efficiency More than 99.99% at 0.3µm

Main filter: HEPA filter

Pre filter: Non woven fabric filter

Processing air volume Approximately 95 m³ / min * Calculated from blowing area 3. m³, variable with inverter
Power supply AC200V 3Φ 50Hz
Equipment power Abt 1900VA
Lighting 40W×2 (inverter type)

Body: polished SUS304#400

Column, beam: polished SUS 304 # 400

Outlet Punching board side: colorless transparent polycarbonate