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Fan Filter Unit ATV - FFU - 4*3

A FAN FILTER UNIT (FFU) is a type of air filtering equipment. It is used to supply purifiled air to cleanrooms or microenvironments by filtering out harmful airborne particles from recirculating air. The units are installed within the system’s ceiling or floor grid. Large cleanrooms require a proportionally large number of FFUs, which in some cases may range from several hundred to several thousand. Units often contain their own pre-filter, HEPA filter and internally controllable fan air distribution.


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– The frame material is made from high-quality Inox SUS 430, making the steady design, sharp and aesthetically pleasing to the product.

– Products are used the DC motor that offers outstanding features for quiet running, energy saving, no maintenance, reliability and long life.

– Air filters: included pre-filter and HEPA filter. Pre filter filters crude dust to protect the well and extend the life of the filter in the back. The HEPA removes 99,99% of all particles down to 0,3 microns, providing a clean, safety environment for cleanroom standards.



ATV – FFU – 4*3

Frame dimension  (mm)


HEPA Filter dimension (mm)


Air velocity (m/s)


Capacity norms (AC Fan)


Noise level (dB(A))


Supply power

AC220V/50Hz, Single Phase

Frame material

Thép mạ Al-Zn /SS304/SS430



HEPA filter


ULPA filter optional


Weight (kg)



Pre. Filter