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Hand Dryer

Is a drying and cleaning hand device. Dry air blowing out is the type of air is cleaned by high wind speed after going through HEPA filter.

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  • Dry your hands with clean air after passing through the HEPA filter.
  • Using a DC brush motor, helps reduce power consumtion.
  • The inside is fitted with a germicidal lamp, which prevents the multiplication of bacteria.



Dust collect efficience

Over 99.99% with dust particles 0.3µm

Dust collect elements

Main filter: HEPA filter

Pre filter, air filter: Non-woven filter

Air volume

Abt 1.2m³/min

Wind speed blowing out

Abt 190m/sec

Noise level

About 80dBA * measured in an anechoic chamber from 1m away from the object and 1m from the floor

Power supply

AC100V 1φ 50/60Hz

Power consumption

Abt 1050W

Electrical equipment

Abt 1350VA


Abt 30kg


Body: Painted steel sheet, top of box: ABS Antibacterial Plastic

Drying box: SUS304

Model: AHD-6