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Hepa Filter Unit ATV - HFU 18

HFU (Hepa Filter Unit or Hepa Box) is clean supply unit without fan. HFU is installed on the ceiling of the clean room that includes Hepa filter is a component of clean room design with multidirectional airflow. It is widely applied in the fields of biotechnology, electronics where requires clean air environment.


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– The frame material is made from high-quality powder coated steel, making the steady design, sharp and aesthetically pleasing to the product.

– Air filter: The HEPA removes 99,99% of all particles down to 0,3 microns, providing a clean, safety environment for cleanroom standards.

– The filter frame is made of solid aluminium, the panel face is covered with metal protection mesh. The mesh of the filter is made of flame retardant, fiber glass waterproof, lined in accordance with the process to ensure the continuous spacing of the folds, increasing the maximum working area of the pro


ATV – HFU 18

Dimension (mm)

740 x 740 x 520

Frame material

Powder coated steel

Perforated panel

Powder coated steel or Inox 304


Ø 300mm

HEPA Filter

Dimension (mm)

610 x 610 x150


99,99% At 0,3μm



Air velocity (m3/minute)


Other requirements

Customer’s requirements