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Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Sanflor vinyl flooring (PVC) is a type of plastic tile developed and distributed by Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company, used to replace ordinary floor tiles, flooring, with many advanced features and increasingly used use in Vietnam. 

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Homogeneous vinyl flooring dimension: 2mm x 20m x 1.8m

* Feature

– Consist of main material, such as:

Plastic (primary plastic, recycled plastic)

Carbon fiber – Additives: create solid, flexible, scratch-resistant

– Wide range of colors (single and multi-colored) suitable for factory buildings, school plants, supermarkets, offices…

– Features very good bearing, high scratch resistance, anti-tingling, impact resistance, non-slip, easy to clean, anti-oxidation.

– Homogeneous vinyl flooring is a new material from top to bottom specialized for public places, industry….

– Execute quickly, no dust, comfortable cleaning, resistant to chemicals

– Suitable for all projects.

– Easy to transport, install and replace.

* Aplication

– Factory, computer room, control room, power plant, transformer station

– Laboratory, chemical room, food processing room

– Hospitals, operating rooms, clean rooms, health care centers

– Commercial center, offices, luxury apartments, …

– Restaurant, hotel, school, public area


Homogeneous roll type vinyl flooring dimension 2mm x 20m x 1.8m