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Pass box ATV - PB777

Pass box is used as a way to transport materials, tools, semi-finished products, finished products between rooms that have the different clean levels to avoid crossing  contamination and at the same time function of blowing dust off the goods before putting into the clean room to remove most contamination on the item before entering the clean room, Pass box is often used in the electronics industry, chemicals, medicine, pharmaceutical ...


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– The frame material is made from high-quality powder coated steel or Inox 304, making the steady design, sharp and aesthetically pleasing to the product.

– Compact, square design, easy to carry, operate and install, convenient to use.

– An acrylic screen is a smooth and glossy. Users can look inside PassBox, increasing the aesthetics and safety for users.

– The intelligent locking system with mechanical or electrical lock reduces to cross-contamination in the clean room, ensuring safety for users.

– For Pass box with UV sterilization lamp, when UV lamp is closed, it has automaticlly turned on to disinfect bacteria, preventing bacterial infiltration into clean rooms, ensuring safety for users.



ATV – PB777 (Normal)

 ATV – PB777 – U ( UV lamp)

Extenmal Dimension (R x S x C)

885 x 775 x 820 mm

Intenmal Dimension (R x S x C)

700 x 700 x 700 mm



Powder coated steel or Inox 304


Inox 304


Tempered glass




Mechanical/ Electrical Interlock

Supply power



Led 9 – 18 W

UV lamp


Other requirements

Customer’s requirements