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Thermal clean chamber

It controls the humidity by circulating clean air in facilities such as equipment requiring expansion and contraction due to temperature change and position accuracy and fine measuring equipment, and eliminates the influence of environmental fluctuation depending on installation location. We respond to requests of any special counterparts according to customer's needs.


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  • Cleanliness ISO Class 4 ( Class 10)
  • Temperature control of ± 0.1 ° C to ± 0.005 ° C is possible.
  • It is possible to design according to the built-in device.
  • Safety was taken into consideration by multiple protection circuits.
  • We will create highly clean environment and highly accurate temperature / humidity environment for prevention of particle adhesion and gas adherence, expansion of temperature and humidity, and prevention of shrinkage.
  • In addition to the standard specification range of 40 to 60% RH, the humidity control also meets the requirement of low humidity specification of 5 to 40% RH.
  •  PID control, super precision parts and air flow system matching the temperature accuracy are adopted, and the temperature fluctuation accuracy is possible from 0.1 ℃ to 0.002 ℃.


C type (enclosure type)
It is the optimum equipment for measuring machine and stepper.
It consists of a humidity control mechanism, blower, air conditioner with built-in HEPA filter and work area (chamber).
The automatic shutter (electric, pressure air), the window for checking operation of the internal device, the door for maintenance can be installed in the chamber.
There is a vertical laminar flow type in which the HEPA filter is placed on the ceiling and a horizontal laminar flow type placed horizontally.
B Type (open type)
For Projection Aligner
It is an open type device with built-in air conditioner with temperature control mechanism on the back of vertical laminar flow clean bench.
Small area of installation, include small wheel so easy to move and handle
S type (separated type)
Ideal for electron beam lithography equipment, small equipment with processing air volume of 50 m / min or less.
By separating the air conditioner from the work area (chamber) and adopting the duct system, it blocks noise, vibration, electromagnetic noise, etc. In addition, you can operate internal devices from the front, side, and rear four directions.
Equipment of circulation type in which the suction port and work area are ducted are also available.
Main applications  
Semiconductor manufacturing
A stepper (reduction projection exposure apparatus), an aligner, an electron beam drawing apparatus
Display panel manufacturing
Liquid crystal panel, plasma display, FED
Precision machining
Mirror surface polisher, laser processing machine, magnetic head cutting machine, precision lens polishing machine, spin coater for CD-R · DVD-R
Precision measuring instrument
 Precision measuring machine, 2D / 3D measuring machine
Precision microscope, handling samples that dislike changes in temperature and humidity, etc.