Positive pressure clean air system for operating room

Positive pressure clean air system is designed for operating rooms, ICU rooms, bone marrow transplant rooms, and lab laboratories in the hospital to provide an operating room clean air system, minimizing contamination in important areas.

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* General overview of clean air systems






Fan Filter Unit



Voltage 220v / 50 h Flow rate of 1200 m3 / h

H13 filter level 99.99% @ 0.3 µm

Connect to the central control computer.


Blower Filter Unit



Voltage 220v / 50 hz

Flow rate of 500 m3 / h

H13 filter level 99.99% @ 0.3 µm.


UV lamp


Voltage 220v size 900mm


Fan coil unit



* Operation of the system

–     Fan coil unit  (FCU)  has a cooling capacity of 7.4 kw that cools the air to the right operating room temperature.

–    Clean air in the room will be filtered circulating through 02 FFU. With the filter efficiency of Hepa H13 inside FFU it is possible to filter up to 99.99% of particles with diameter of 0.3 (µm) to re-supply clean air for incisions.

–    BFU has the effect of supplying positive air from outside into the operating room to compensate for the pressure and provide fresh air to the operating room. BFU is also fitted with a Hepa H13 filter inside BFU that can filter up to 99.99% of dust particles with a diameter of 0.3 (µm) to re-supply clean air for incisions.

–     UV lamps kill bacteria in the operating room creating a sterile environment.

–   The air in the room is drawn through the inlet at the air inlet pre-filtered with G3 filter then cooled to FCU moving through FFU filtered dust here through H13 filter and back to in the operating room. At the end of the air filtration cycle, room air intake is clean air that has been filtered dust and heated.

–    Fresh air is fed into the operating room through BFU. Fresh air passes through BFU’s raw filter and also filters dust through H13 filter. Fresh air entering the room is clean air, dust filtered.

–    FFU and BFU filtration systems combined with bactericidal UV lamps create aseptic air for the operating room.

 * Other medical devices using air

– We also produce a number of air-powered medical devices, such as medical air boxes, medical alarms, medical air control systems, etc.

– We designed the central control panel for all airs type and equipment for the most convenient operation of technical staff.

* Input parameters

– Operating room with area of 5.3 * 5.1 * 3 (m)

– Grade of clean requires class 100 000 (dust level)

– Aseptic environment in the operating room.

– Positive pressure level avoids cross-contamination (+5 pa).

Create a spreadsheet

– The volume of the operating room: V = Sxh = 5.3×5,1×3 = 81.09 m3.

– According to 52TCN – CTYT 38: 2005, the number of circulating airflow for operating rooms is 15- 25 times / hour.

   So the required flow for the operating room will be: V * (number of gas movements) = 81.09 * 25 = 2027 (m3 / h)

   The amount of rotation needed for the operating room will be 2027 (m3 / h).

   The flow of 01 FFU is 1200 m3 / h. So we choose the number of 02 FFU with a flow of 1200 m3 / h.

Hình 2.1 Table of calculations of positive pressure flow 

We have : Q = 0,1 m3/h ~ 360m3/h

Based on the available BFU, we choose BFU with the flow of 500m3 / h.

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