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Clean rooms are designed depending on the ease of cleaning, the work carried out in the clean room, the lighting, the material of the walls, floors ... from clean rooms to industrial capacity in clean rooms used for biology.


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  • Design, execute based on GMP regulations and standard cleanliness.
  • Using apropriate airflow for workers and products.
  • Based on the standard, conduct the inspectation to perform the validation.
  • Maintenance after using.

Filterate eficiency More than 99.9995% at 0.1µm
Filter Main Filter: ULPA filter, pre-filter: Non-woven filter
Class ISO Class 3~4 (Class 1~10)
Wind speed Working area: 0.3m/s, passage: 0.2 m/s
Power supply AC200V 3Φ 50/60Hz
Illuminum 700 Lux (at 1m from the illumination
Noise level Less than 65 dBA

Columns, beams: Sheet steel pipe (support method: free-standing)

Floor: aluminum die-cast 600 □, epoxy paint finish (Raised floor H = 200mm)

Wall panels: sandwich (42t or 60t)


Fan Sirocco fan 2 axes type 0.75W×6P