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Steel and cement core raised floor SFL - OA ZT50

Sanflor rised floor (also known as intelligent floor, technical floor, fake floor) is a type of floor developed and distributed by Airtech The Long Corporation to create a space between the floor slabs and concrete floors by its raised feet. This type of floor is often used for the purpose of cables, wires below, and can also be used for the purpose of air conditioning or cooling water pipes.

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ZT50 OA floor plate is made of steel plate, the top surface is SPCC material, the bottom is made of ST14 material. After being shaped and welded, the floor plate is powder coated, then filled with light cement.

  • Dimension 500mm x 500mm x 28mm
  • Feature

– Steel structure help the floor plate has good load capacity

– Fire resistance

– Floor panels have high accuracy, when installed easily replace or swap positions