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Table top clean bench(KVM)

It is a table type clean bench. The horizontal width is 2 models of 750, 1000 mm. It 's adpted a slant slide shutter, workability has been improved. By adopting DC brushless motor, power saving was attempted.


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  • It has an slant slide shutter structure and improved workability.
  • By adopting the DC brushless motor, power consumption has been reduced by 30% or more.


ISO-5 (Class 100)
Dust collect efficiency
More than 99.99% at 0.3μm
Main filter: Low pressure drop type HEPA filter
Pre filter: Round saran net filter
Processing air volume
Abt 5.0m³/min
Blowing wind speed
Abt 0.34m/sec
Power supply
AC100V 1Φ 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Abt 60W *Except outlet
1 unit* DC Brushless motor
LED light
Sterilizing lamp
Circuit protector
10A*Including outlet
Trọng lượng
Khoảng 50kg
Cấu tạo
Body, back side: powder coated steel, work bench: SUS304
The sterilizing lamp lights only when the shutter is fully closed
*There is also a KVM – 1007 type wiht wider working room.