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It is a hood with glass shield developed to prevent contamination of workers from foreign substances in the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals and foods. Glass shield with anti-fog treatment has wide field of view, no pressure like goggles, ensure work ability. 3D designed mask part secures moderate space at the mouth. Clean cleaning can be done by removing the glass shield and it can be used hygienically.


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  • The glass shield has a wide field of vision and anti-fogging finished.mờ
  • Three-dimensionally designed mask part that brings moderate space to the mouth.
  • The hood part can be reused by performing a clean cleaning.

Product name
Hood with glass shield / hood with glass shield / glass shield for replacement
White/ Blue/ color not specified
CJ4070-1 / CJ4070-2 / G7618-1
Shipment unit
1 sheet / 1 sheet / 5 sheets
¥3,800 / ¥3,800 / ¥7,000
Product name
Mask with glass shield / glass shield for replacement
Màu sắc
White / Color not specified
G7608/ G7618-1
Shipment unit
1sheet / 5sheets
¥2,600 / ¥7,000