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Vinyl floor for hospital

Vinyl flooring is one of the new materials and is currently very popular in the Vietnamese market. It can be said that this is one of the future materials to replace traditional materials such as floor tiles, wooden floors, carpets, granite floor ... With a variety of designs and diversity. Using vinyl flooring has been selected by many health facilities and hospitals to make floors to ensure maximum safety for health workers as well as patients.

Currently, we are manufacturing and importing all kinds of vinyl flooring for hospital use. There are different types with different parameters (such as thickness, color ...)


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Homogeneous vinyl flooring type roll are the preferred type of flooring used in health facilities and hospitals because of its unique and outstanding features. Homogeneous vinyl flooring in size: 2mm x 20m x 1.8m

* Feature

– Made of key components like:

Plastic (primary PVC, recycled)

Carbon fiber – Additives: create solid, flexible, scratch-resistant

– A variety of colors (single and multi-colored) suitable for hospital buildings, factories, schools, supermarkets, offices …

– Features very good bearing, high scratch resistance, anti-cracking, impact resistant, non-slip, easy to clean, anti-oxidation.

– Homogeneous vinyl flooring is a new material from top to bottom specialized for public places, industry ….

– Execute quickly, no dust, clean, allowed to use chemicals

– Suitable for all projects.

– Easy to transport, install and replace.