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Weghing apparatus booth

It is a booth that effectively exhausts dust particles in work handling chemical dust and dust, and reduces harm to workers. It is designed according to working condition. Bug in / bug out system etc. are adopted when dust filter is replaced.


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  • It is an airflow structure that minimizes the influence of chemical dust and dust on workers and the surrounding environment.
  • Dust filter is selected considering efficiency and service life.
  • Bug-in · bug-out methods are adopted for filter replacement.


Dust collect efficiency
More than 95% at 0.3μm
Main filter:HEPA filter
Pre-filter:Polyurethane foam
Processing air volume
Abt 93m³/min *Variable
Suction wind speed
Abt 1.2m/sec *Variable
Abt 8dBA *1m from the device、FL1m
Power supply
AC200V 3Φ 50/60Hz
Air volume adjustment
Inventer variable system * Used at 40Hz or higher
Equipment power
Abt 1400VA
20W×4 *
Illumininan ce
Abt 500Lux *Inside working room FL+1m
Abt 390kg
Body: Powder coated steel
Side plate: colorless transparent acrylic board
Dust collect efficiency
More than 99.99% at 0.3μmPAO
Air supply filter: HEPA filter (610 × 1150 × t 65) × 4
Exhaust filter: HEPA filter (410 × 650 × t80) × 2
Suction filter: medium performance filter (610 × 610 × t 70) × 2
Processing air volume
Abt 70.2m³/min * The exhaust air flow rate of 12 m³ / min, calculated with the blowing area of about 2.6 m³
Blowing wind speed
Abt 0.45m/sec*Variable with inverter
Nguồn điện
Fan lighting system: AC 200 V 3 Φ 60 Hz
Outlet system: AC 100 V 1 φ 60 Hz *4ヶ所合計15A
Equipment power
Abt 3000VA *Except for outlet
Body, ceiling, right side: SUS 304 # 400 polished finish Left side: SUS door
750 lux or more at the device central FL 850 mm Interface abnormality signal
Normal operation signal No-voltage contact output Door opening / closing signal Non-voltage contact output