The negative pressure sterilizer APR – 8016ACR – J

The negative pressure sterilizer is a mobile device with a high air pressure dust blower system that has been sterilized by UV rays, hepa filter in the air chamber, blasting dust away from people / goods, at the same time the chamber is capable of  blowing the antiseptic solution in the mist form increases the disinfectant capacity in the entire working chamber.


– The negative pressure sterilizer blows dust particular, viruses, bacteria on the surface of user’s body, clothes and items thanks to handing by Hepa filter and  UV lamp to sterilize.

– The machine is capable of spaying antiseptic solution in the mist form increases the disinfectant capacity 


– Function of isolating, controlling the spread of dust particles containing bacteria and viruses in the environment. The exhaust air stream is sterilized by hepa filter system before discard the outside environment

2.Operating principle

– When the door opens in the direction of entry, the light in the chamber will light up. The user open the door and enter the chamber.        

– After close the door, the fan blows air, at the same time UV lamp operates to sterilize circular air stream inside the device, high speed clean air stream ≥ 22 m/s blow. The wind was sucked to the chamber by Hepa filter and UV lamp       

– Concurrently, the mist generator works, mist system from antiseptic solution spray at the same time with air stream down to the chamber, sterilize entire people and goods in the working chamber.         

– When the fan and mist system stop, the user can open the door and come out        

– With 3-layer sterilization method will be safe and effective when use

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3.Technical highlights

– Frame: high quality power coated steel, creat stable, sharp and luxurious design suitable for many spaces.          

– Aluminum door:  made of  profile aluminum therefore the mass is light, durable, beautiful surface is convenient for users. Observe doors’s glass is    tempered glass with 2 layers, stable.

– The jet nozzles made of stainless steel can be directed, stable, protect from abrasion. High air velocity from 20-22 m/s, ensure effective friction  necessary for the removal of polluted air particulates


-Sterilizing solution spray system in mist form create to feel comfortable, do not get wet, hazy smoke similar to other products in the market (spray aqueous solution)

– Air filter: Pre filter and Hepa filter. Pre filter has the effect of filtering raw dust to protect and prolong the life for fine filter. Hepa filter effectively filters 0.3 dust particles with filtration efficiency 99,99%, bring to clean enviroment, safety, meet cleanroom standards.

-The sterilizer use UV lamp combine with an advanced filtration system create a sterilize complete design in the chamber.           

– Noise level was optimized design , smooth operation           

– The  negative pressure sterilizer can adjust operation time according to customer’s requirement.         

– Dashboard LCD, soft key buttons are easy to clean and use

4. Specifications

5. Technical Drawing

6.Product Certificate

– Certificate ISO 9001-2015  

– Certificate ISO 14001-2015 

– Certificate ISO 13485-2016

– Test Certificate of  National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

– Chứng nhận của Tổng cục đo lường chất lượng Quatest 1

– Nhượng quyền sản xuất của Tập đoàn Airtech Nhật Bản

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