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Biosafety Cabinets


  • Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company is the only member in Vietnam under the Japanese Airtech Group. We are proud to be a leading company in the field of clean rooms, including design and construction, production of equipment used in clean rooms, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, and air filtration systems.
  • Our products have been introduced in both domestic and international markets with highly reputable brand names. Currently, Airtech The Long has been asserting its position in the Vietnamese market.

Equipment supply and installation capacity

The network of AIRTECH THE LONG factories in Hung Yen, VSIP Hai Duong, Ho Chi Minh City is invested with modern technologies and production lines that promise to provide the market with products with high precision and quality, best quality and optimal cost for customers.

Airtech is a leading corporation in the field of research and development of clean room product lines. The scale and number of group members are growing in countries around the world such as India, Germany, China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Company information

Head quarter No144, Viet Hung Str, Group 3, Viet Hung Ward, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Factory Address Tan Quang Industrial Park, Tan Quang Commune, Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
Tel 024.3873.7717
Tax code 0102184821

Biosafety Cabinets Introduction

A biological safety cabinet (BSC) is a device that protects and ensures the safety of people by controlling the flow of contaminated air coming out of the cabinet as the first barrier to keep the operator and the surrounding environment away from infection.

Biological safety cabinets can be divided into 3 levels: Class I, Class II and Class III. In which the most common type is Class II, A2: 30% discharge, 70% recirculation.

Working principle


Biological safety cabinet – Class 1:

Protect the user against sources of infection, protect the surrounding environment but do not protect the specimen.

Biological safety cabinet – Class 2

Protect the user, the specimen, and the surrounding environment.

Biological safety cabinet – Class 3

Used in the laboratory with the highest level of toxicity, short blocking the most dangerous infectious agents to the outside.

General Specifications

Biosafety Cabinet Airflow speed Circulating flow Exhaust flow Exhaust system
Class 1 0.36 0 100 Airtight
Class 2 A1 0.38 – 0.51 70 30 Exhaust air into the room or connecting pipe
Class 2 A2 Ventilate to the outside 0.51 70 30 Exhaust air into the room or connecting pipe
Class 2 B1 0.51 30 70 Airtight
Class 2 B2 0.51 0 100 Airtight
Class 3 0.51 0 100 Airtight

Biosafety cabinet construction


  • DC fan saves 30% power consumption when operating.
  • Imported blower’s intelligent automatic supply system ensures less than 10% air change when filter resistance increases by 50% and improves safety.


  • Combined with a riser stands, create a balanced design.
  • Raised legs can be adjusted high and low.

Control panel

LED display, shows air velocity, time, HEPA filter life and alerts in real-time.

Filter ULPA

  • Removes 99.9995% of dirt from 0.12 µm, creating clean air and a safe environment.
  • Minimum ISO 4 quality in working area.
  • All ULPA filters will be checked to ensure not to be leaked


  • The frame is made of powder-coated steel.
  • 10° inclined front panel for operator comfort.
  • The stand has a sturdy, removable frame.

Working compartment

  • The negative pressure chamber and two surrounding layers ensure no leakage, no pollution.
  • The front window uses a suspension lift system and ~5mm thick tempered glass.
  • Glass doors can be easily cleaned.
  • 304 stainless steel work area can be cleaned.
  • The storage compartment under the work area has a capacity of 4 liters.
  • Backup power outlet with protective cover for safe operation.

UV light

Provides a layer of protection against the spread of airborne bacteria, killing bacteria.

Our customers:

  • Hai Duong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Military Medical University
  • Medlatec General Hospital
  • Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Medistar Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • CPCI Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Terumo Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Uniben Joint Stock Company

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