All Aluminum & Stainless Steel Air Filters

All Aluminum & Stainless Steel Air Filters

All Aluminum air filters from THELONG are perhaps economical and serve as an effective solution for air filtration in different industrial. The filter media primarily consists of many layers of aluminum slit and expanded into mesh of differing densities to increase the holding capacity and efficiency of media.

The filter media of the THELONG Filters Stainless Steel Air Filter is composed of multi-layers of pleated and corrugated stainless screen wires. Layering of media offers maximum filter surface area. Both sides are crossed to stainless bars to support the filter stronger and rigidity


The all Aluminum and Stainless Fiters are made of 100% aluminum and stainless metal. So it is easy to clean and serve for saving your costs and maintain a durable use.

Thickness Average Arrestance (%) Average Arrestance (%)
1” 72.5 91
2” 81.5 143

THELONG Non-Woven Filters provide maximum airflow, low-pressure drop, and high arrestance. They are suited for air ventilation systems of general air filtration. There are filter media replacements available.

The filters are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and thickness. The width of filter is up to 1.8M and can be framed by beverage board, galvanized steel, and aluminum. The filter media can be provided in cut pads or rolls.

The filter media consists of Polyester, Nylon, and Acetate and is made with multidirectional needles. Fibers are bound completely to provide higher arresistance and dust holding capacity.

The media is tested in accordance with AF(Air Filter Institute). The arrestance value exceeds 80% and the resistance is under 2.5mm W.G

The filters can also be made with acid-resistant or alkali-resistant specifications for particular uses upon customer requests.


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