Hydrogen peroxide gas decontamination equipment

It has been pointed out that formaldehyde, which has been used to decontaminate rooms and isolators, has carcinogenicity. Instead, hydrogen peroxide gas is used in pharmaceutical factories and others. This equipment has many achievements in Germany and boasts high reliability. There are two models of hydrogen peroxide gas decontamination equipment. There are self-contained large MLT 15 mJ and moving small MLT 15iiJ. It is selected according to the capacity of the space to be decontaminated.


MLT 15 mJ (large size)

It is a large capacity device. It has a wide range of capabilities, so it can be used for many purposes and in long time.

Suitable for large RABS, isolators and indoor decontamination. (1 to 100 m³)
*We also have products that support 600 m³.

The main body is made of stainless steel.

Time of decontamination is short

HEPA filter attached.

Decontamination is possible continuously.

It is with a printer.

MLT15iiJ(Small size)

This device is compact and suitable for small capacity such as isolator. Basic performance conforms to large size. It can be incorporated into an isolator.

Suitable for small space. (1 to 50 m³)

Suitable for isolators, small rooms.

Equipment built-in type is also available.


MLT15mJ (Large size) / MLT15iiJ(Small size)
External dimension(mm)
1,400(H)×770×860 / 640(H)×900×850
Application space (m³)
1~100 / 1~50
Pressure adjustment
Bồn nước H₂O₂
2ℓ(Nước 35%H₂O₂)
H₂O₂ water tank
HEPA filter
1 stage cooling precool system
AC200V 1φ50/60Hz
Current value
15 / 16A
Hose connection
2 places on the back, lockable connection


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