Safety lobby chair

It is a waiting room chair with HEPA filter built-in . Air is aspirated from the back, filter with a HEPA filter attached to the lower part of the chair, and release it as sterile air.


  • It can be used for infection waiting room.
  • Have a suction port on the back of the chair, filter it with the bottom HEPA filter, and release it as sterile air.


Dust collect efficiency
More than 99.99% at 0.3μm
Main filter: HEPA filter(3A-507650TLLAD)×2
Pre filter: resin Saran net
Air volume
Maximum abt 10m³/min, Standard abt 5m³/min
Abt 10 m³ / min at rapid velocity, about 5 m³ / min on standard time
Power supply
AC100V 1φ 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Abt 47 dBA at high speed, about 38 dBA at standard
Body: abt 98Kg, lobby chair abt 30Kg
Body ・Fan case : Powder coated steel
Lobby chair
Three seats
W900×D1080×H1495mm(product of Kokuyo CN-150-VF64N)


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