The ATV-PXN-1819S Sampling Chamber

Airtech The Long has produced and marketed the ATV-PXN-1819S  mobile – positive pressure sampling champer with fast mobility, the most advanced filtration system, preventing pathogens for medical personnel


– A Sampling chamber is a device that creates a clean working environment to protect medical personnel from pathogens caused by viruses, bacteria and dust particles.

– By creating a positive pressure environment, harmful outside  microorganisms cannot enter the working chamber.

– The air is filtered by a high-performance HEPA filter that removes dust particles, viruses, and bacteria from 0.3µm in size. Make sure that the air entering the portable sampling chamber is clean air.

– This is a solution to avoid direct contact between medical personnel and test takers.

 2.Operating principle

– Mobile safety testing room operates on the principle of positive pressure, inside the room is arranged with 2 LED lights.

– Positive pressure system created by FFU fan placed on the top of the device, blowing air through the HEPA filter, providing a top-down isotropic clean air stream, preventing the ingress of harmful bacteria and viruses from outside patients. inside the doctor’s office.

– Fan and lights are switched on / off via the basic button inside the office. Knob to adjust the wind speed down. There is an emergency stop button to cut off the power immediately when there is a fire, fire …

3. Technical highlights

– Frame material is made of high quality powder coated steel, creating a solid, sharp design and high aesthetics for the product.

– SUS304 stainless steel floor creates permanent durability and smooth surface, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.

– The door is designed with aluminum profile around 5mm thick tempered glass, creating high stability and convenient when close the door  to sterilize the working chamber. The  door  open with hydraulic shrink hand limit the exterior’s impact on the door and automatically closes when opening the door  to go out.

– HEPA filter system helps to remove up to 99.97% dust particles, viruses, bacteria from 0.3µm to create a clean and safe environment.

– Using ultra power-saving BLDC40W fan 0.4kw / h, working efficiency up to 90%, quiet and stable operation and super durable.

– Equipped with a solid wheel system for convenient movement during sample location change.

– Medical gloves are attached in the front of the chamber to help medical personnel manipulate samples safely .

– Equipped with a pressure gauge to help control the system, ensuring there aren’t  liquid leakage or pressure changes in the gas or vapor system.

– Floating control button system, easy to use and durable

4.Technical drawings


6.Actual product video

YouTube video

7.Product Certificate

– Certificate ISO 9001-2015  

– Certificate ISO 14001-2015 

– Certificate ISO 13485-2016

– Test Certificate of  National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

– Chứng nhận của Tổng cục đo lường chất lượng Quatest 1

– Nhượng quyền sản xuất của Tập đoàn Airtech Nhật Bản

8.Directions for use

9. Why do you choose us?

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