Clean room model

Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company is a company with much experience in clean room projects. We specialize in providing clean room systems with smooth, clean surfaces that are suitable for medicine, biotechnology, electronics and food processing industries, cosmetics…

1. Clean booth

Made from PVC curtain or MS, SS or FFU electrostatic spray safety glass panels, installed above and around the room. It provides a room with a cleanliness of up to 100 Class with vertical glass panels that can withstand high pressure.

2. Wall panel
These panels are used for many different types of clean rooms. It is used as walls together with shaped aluminum, doors and windows of various clean rooms. These walls are completely flat to prevent dust from attaching. There are many exterior designs as well as insulation materials for you to choose from
3. Main door
The main door is fitted with perfectly smooth wall panels to prevent dust and dirt from sticking. They are pre-installed at the factory to avoid dust. Doors use a buffer frame to seal the door and a high quality sealing cushion on the bottom. The door frame is sprayed with MS powder coating or the long, tall aluminum bars protrude. The door also has many designs as well as insulating materials for you to choose from.
4. Shoe rack for shoes
The rack is sprayed with MS or SS powder coating to store shoes separately, used for clean rooms or other normal rooms.
5. Wardrobe
MS or SS powder coating closet. Wardrobes will be provided based on the number of employees.
6. Air bath
To maintain the clean space of the clean room and to avoid the contamination of dirt in the outside area, clean air is blown from the hose to clothing or material that makes dust particles fly out and pass through the filter. front and HEPA filter. The air is cleaned and blown into the area again. Meanwhile it also acts as a buffer room when both doors fit together. It works to reduce the amount of harmful gases when traveling and leaving a clean room.
7. HEPA filter
The clean air supply system provides fresh air into the room through HEPA units to maintain clean rooms at 1,000- 100,000 Class.
8. Window
There are two options for customers: single glass windows and double glass windows. Double-glazed windows are connected to a completely smooth wall panel to prevent dust, vacuum and desiccant provided inside to prevent condensation.
Factory pre-installed windows with black borders on all four sides make it look better.
9. Air circulation suction kit
There are two types of air inlet, the full panel air duct and the panel built into the panel.
10. Pass box
It is installed at the same height as the working level, for transferring small materials between different clean rooms with different levels of cleanliness. Pass is powder coated MS or SS, can also be electronic devices. UV lamps and gas baths often use this device.
11. Tunnel door
The hatch is similar in structure to a pass box, installed under the floor to help move large or heavy objects.
12. Chair cleaning
There are two options: horizontal cleaning chair and vertical cleaning chair. It provides a high amount of clean air for the work area.
13. Suspension pipe system
It consists of a T-shaped piping system with threads and M10 screws, which requires more than 2.5m of space to maintain the suspension.
Another option is to use a suspension system with cross bars, T-shaped, L-shaped bars, which are joined together to form a high suspension structure that extends along the ceiling, mounted on panels or Blind boards. Fixed lighting and air supply units should be considered.
14. Ceiling Panel
There are many exterior designs and ceiling panels that are insulated. Some parts of the ceiling should be made long to fix lighting fixtures, air supply devices, and can arrange for maintenance if needed.
The ceiling panel is fitted with a suspension system, placed with blind panels. It is a two-layer ceiling system, acting as the technical space system for Class 1-100 levels.
15. The floor
Depending on the use and price, you can choose the floor types to suit for different types of clean rooms. Epoxy and PVC flooring are the types of floor often interested.
To create vertical air flow at Class 1-100, the equipment needed is an antistatic floor.

01. Clean booth

02. Wall panel

03. Door

04. Bootie rack  

05. Wardrobe

06. Air shower



09. Air circulation system

10. Pass box

11. Pass box

12. Clean bench

13. Suspension system

14. Ceiling panel  

15. Floor

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