Class 1 infectious diseases countermeasure sickroom

This sickroom are divided into first and second species due to the pathogenicity. Considering the patient’s comfortable living conditions, we design it to satisfy prescribed requirements such as the size of the room and equipment.


  • Class 1 and type 2 infectious diseases room complying with the prescribed requirements.
  • Considering the patient’s comfort, it is low noise design.


Necessary items
Class 1 Infectious Disease Room
Area of hospital room
15 m² or more as a private room
Necessity of all rooms
Front room and double door: interlock
Pressure in the room
Make a stable negative pressure of -20 Pa
Toilet / shower
It is an all fresh type. When recycling, process with HEPA filter and return
Structure of room
Maintain sealing air tightness to eliminate air circulation with the outside
Ventilation frequency
At least 6 times / hour to 12 times / hour


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