Fume hood ATV – FH 1200

The toxic fume hood is a toxic gas cleaner that cleans the working area and is designed to match the work environment to protect the user against harmful gases emitted on the working surface in environments. High risk work such as laboratories of industries, pharmaceutical research center, chemicals …


– The frame material is made from high-quality powder coated steel, Inox SUS 304 inside making the steady design, sharp and aesthetically pleasing to the product.

– The tempered glass window of cabinets are designed with intelligent suspension lift system, the stop is arbitrary so that the door can be softly The tempered glass window has 5 cm thickness, high stability and convenient closure to sterilize the work chamber.

– The desk surface and operation chamber are made of the Phenolic sheet dedicated for laboratory anti-rust, anti-corrosion, chemical resistant, easy to clean.

– The filtration with activated carbon filter is on the roof of the cabinet to filter the air pollution before discharging to protect the environment and human safety.

– High performance fan system. Specialized exhaust fans absorb the toxic gas through the carbon filter externally through the PVC exhaust pipe to protect the working environment.

– The engine is compact, energy-efficient and self-cooled. All rotary components are balanced in design, thereby reducing noise and vibration.

– Modern microprocessor control system, many features: adjustable fan, lamp, socket and UV lamp, easy to clean.

– Stand can be adjusted manually to suit the user’s requirements. Caster wheel with lock makes it easy to move and fix the device.



ATV – FH 1200

Extemal Dimension (R x S x C)

1200 x 800 x 1900 mm

Intermal Dimension (R x S x C)

1000 x 620 x 720 mm



Powder coated steel


Powder coated steel

Working table


Inox 304




Temperated glass


By hand

Supply power



200W (SL01)

Air velocity

0.5M/S (100fpm)

Noise level

62 – 65 dBA


Led 600mm

18W (SL01)

UV Lamp



Cacbon filter

400 x 400 x 50mm (SL01)

Other requirements

Customer’s requirements


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