Packaged exhaust unit

The equipment will be installed in the existing room and the room will be sterilized while maintaining negative pressure. Exhaust gas is filtered by HEPA filter and released to the outside. Similarly, the air blown into the room is sterile air filtered with a HEPA filter.

Product point

  • By simply connecting the ducts, negative pressure and sterilization of the room can be achieved.
  • Both indoor air supply and exhaust air are filtered through the HEPA filter and sterilized.


About standards and specifications

Model ATV FA20
Dust collection efficiency 99.99% or more for 0.3 μm particles
Dust collection element Main filter: HEPA filter
Pre- filter: Non -woven filter
Air supply volume High speed operation: about 16 m3 / min, low speed operation: about 10 m3 / min
Exhaust air volume High speed operation: about 4 m3 / min, low speed operation: about 3 m3 / min
noise High speed operation: 49dBA, low speed operation: 40dBA * Measured in an anechoic chamber
Power supply AC 100 V 1φ 50/60 Hz
Equipment power About 300 VA
weight About 120 kg
Construction Body: Steel plate baked paint out
glaring: aluminum


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