Designing and constructing of clean rooms

Nowadays, the using of clean spaces for production, packaging, testing and research has become an integral part of many industries, such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, packaging and surface protection objects, biotechnology, materials research, semiconductor technology, microelectronics & space industry.

Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company specializes in the field of consultancy, design, construction clean room and supply equipment and products of clean room for con

struction projects, data centers, production plants, offices, banks, hospitals, computer centers, electronics, laboratories, technical rooms, …

Airtech The Long has the ability to meet all requirements for clean room design: Consulting, construction design, equipment installation including:

+ Ground and architects: floor, wall, ceiling …

+ HVAC system.

+ M&E system (industrial electric, extra low voltage & fire alarm).

+ Fire protection system (sprinklers, tupes system, fire extinguishers).

+ Water supply and drainage system (RO water supply, wastewater treatment).

+ Clean room equipment.

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