Airtech The Long organizes a course of communication skills – motivation skills – teamwork skills

The Long Company always determines success or not depends on human factors, to promote the production and business process, develop production, and gradually dominate the technology in the clean room equipment field. The company is implementing a project to build a medical equipment and cleaning technology factory in Vsip Hai Duong industrial park. To equip employees with the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the new task, the Company organized a course on:

          – Communication skills.

          – Motivation skills.

          – Teamwork skill.

          Focusing on the quality of training, the Company has invited senior lecturers from Dong Do University who have much experience in teaching and imparting knowledge.

Although this is just an initial step of the course, with lively presentations, close communication, quizzical illustrations and communication, direct interaction with students has stimulated excitement and funky in the classroom. The company wishes that by the end of the course, students will gain the necessary knowledge and positive changes and changes, which really bring excitement and efficiency in their work.

Some photos of the lesson:

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