Negative pressure isolation room – AIRTECH The Long donated to Bac Ninh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital

On May 7, 2020, Bac Ninh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital officially put into the operation negative pressure room, applying modern sound with great value. Support anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects of patients, patients with infectious diseases. Attending the reception were leaders of the Department of Health, relevant departments, leaders of the Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital.

General Director Nguyen Khac Long, Representative of AIRTECH The Long, presented the Bac Ninh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital for the negative pressure isolation room

Negative pressure isolation rooms are an isolation method used in hospitals to prevent cross-contamination, not to treat the disease. The room has a lower ambient pressure, where air can enter from only one side and cannot escape through that side. In order to form a medical application room, it is necessary to comply with many strict standards: There is a HEPA filter (ultrafiltration) to filter the tiny particles; has UV rays to kill viruses. If a patient with COVID-19 infection is in quarantine, their viral droplets will not be able to return to this air stream to escape. After the air is sucked and passed through the filtration and sterilization system, the clean air is pushed back to the negative pressure room.

The room must be designed with 2 rooms, the front  room (the mattress room) and the main room (the treatment room). When entering the front room, the door opened, the main room door closed, the air cannot escape. To ensure the safety of patients and medical personnel before being put into use, the negative pressure isolation room must meet 34 criteria (design, ventilation, microbiology, micro-dust) in isolation people with the disease are transmitted through the air.

Criteria are developed by leading infection control specialists and equipment specialists in leading hospitals based on recommendations from the World Health Organization.

This design helps to reduce the spread of the virus, suppressing cross-contamination of the air stream between the patient with the patient and the healthcare personnel.

Speaking at the reception ceremony, the leaders of the Department of Health and the leaders of the Obstetrics and Pediatrics hospital were touched to express their gratitude to the leaders and all employees of AIRTECH The Long Joint Stock Company for giving the Hospital a gift. This is very practical, because it not only helps in the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19 (if have) but also helps to limit the risk of cross-contamination for health workers in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Leaders of the Department of Health – Leaders of the Obstetrics and Pediatrics hospital and representatives of AIRTECH The Long visit the negative pressure isolation room

Immediately after install, the Provincial Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital has fully arranged medical equipment and supplies and put them into use. First of all, the Negative Pressure Chamber serves for the treatment of some serious patients with infectious diseases. Treat patients after complicated surgeries, or some diseases such as: flu, virus, tuberculosis patients… with a high possibility of infection.

The donation of the negative pressure isolation room in this moment is a practical action, showing responsibility and noble gesture. Accompany with medical personnel and staff in the prevention of COVID-19 epidemic diseases, as well as protect and take care of the people’s health. In recent years, AIRTECH The Long has had many activities to join hands to repel the COVID-19 epidemic diseases in many localities across the country. And up to now, we are continuing our journey in some Central Highlands. With the motto of operation and development based on the social foundation, we are proud to always strive for that goal.

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