AIRTECH The Long awarded a negative pressure sterilizer to Binh Duong

The Provincial Personnel Health Care and Protection Committee is an agency that has the function of advising, monitoring, directing and organizing the implementation of the protection, care and improvement of the health of provincial officials according to decentralization. At the same time, it is the lead agency to coordinate activities of health protection and care for high-ranking officials of the province. Health care for provincial officials continued to advise the Provincial Party Committee to perform well the health care for public officials The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee manages; effectively implementing the periodic health check-up plan, annual health-care plan and paying attention to the settlement of regimes and policies related to the protection of health care for staff; coordinating with a number of departments and branches to do well the nursing work for people with meritorious services; direct district hospitals and health centers to advise, guide, monitor and treat diseases and protect health for staff; maintain regular monitoring and home health care for high-ranking officials retired in the locality.

Because of that importance, with community responsibility. AIRTECH The Long awarded the Negative Pressure Sterilizer to the Provincial Health Care Center. Representative, Mr. Minh – Chairman of the People’s Council & Ms. Thom – Standing Deputy Committee of the Provincial Health Care Center, received the equipment and promised to use the product according to its function.

The negative pressure sterilizer works fully automatically, blowing the air automatically in 15 seconds. The air is sucked into the chamber through the HEPA filter and bactericidal UV lamp. After about 15 seconds, the machine will spray disinfectant solution in mist. Use 1 person / 1 time and meet 1000 people / day. Portable, compact, easy-to-use and portable sterilization chamber. Applicable to agencies, factories, public places, …

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