Tra Vinh Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital received a negative pressure sterilized equipment for Covid-19 disease prevention.

On April 23, Tra Vinh Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital (the first field hospital of the province) received a negative pressure sterilizer by Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company (headquartered in Long Bien District, Hanoi) awarding support for disease prevention (PCDB) Covid-19 in the province. Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc, Deputy Director of the Health Department and leaders of the Vietnam

Representative of the Southern Branch Mr. Bui The Hung presented equipment to Mr. Bui Van Luan – Director of Hospital of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

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According to Tra Vinh province police, the number of foreigners temporarily registered in the province as of 14:00 on April 23, 2020 is 14. In which, there are 03 new cases of temporary residence registration (01 Germany, 01 China, 01 US) in Tra Vinh city 02 and Duyen Hai town 01; all of these cases were completed in quarantine 14 days prior to arrival. The total number of foreigners temporarily residing in the province is 1,417 people.

As of April 23, 2020, the total number of quarantined cases in the whole province was 308. In which, isolation at health facilities has 07 cases, concentrated isolation has 215 cases and isolation at home and residence is 86 cases.

Tra Vinh Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital cured 3 patients: 105, 106, and 144. These three patients were hospitalized on March 23 and 25. After the treatment period on April 17, 2020, all 3 had the results were negative and were discharged.


On behalf of the leaders of the Department of Health and on behalf of Leaders of  the Health Department and Representative the steering Committee for covid-19 disease prevention  in Tra Vinh province, Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc thanked Mr. Bui The Hung and Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company for the interest in Tra Vinh province and sharing with the province’s difficulties in covid-19 disease prevention.

Mr. Bui Van Luan, Director of Hospital of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease where received the device – Commits to preserve the equipment well, have a reasonable and long-term use plan. In the immediate future, it is serving Covid-19 disease prevention, then serving for the treatment and take care of the people’s health according to the functions of the equipment and the functions of the Hospital.

Negative pressure sterilized equipment is a negative pressure portable closed chamber, operating on the mechanism of circulating gas, blowing, gathering dust and bacteria by HEPA filter system, bactericidal UV lamp and liquid spray system, bacteria in the form of a mist. The equipment is widely used in hospitals, medical centers, food technology companies … It is known that the equipment has a total value of 180.4 million dong.



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