AIRTECH The Long pioneered in the field of clean room

The concept of clean room has become popular in many countries around the world and used in many fields such as science, health, high-tech manufacturing … In Vietnam, clean rooms have also received a lot of attention. by the superior features, great efficiency that it brings.

Clean room application: Health is the first field in which clean room is applied. Since the 19th century, European scientists such as Lister, Kock, Pasteur … have used clean rooms to study pathogenic microorganisms. Next, clean rooms are used in the manufacture and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

With the field of manufacturing electronic components, clean rooms are also widely used, because electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller, making the production more sophisticated. Even if a few dust particles are in the wrong place, the wrong humidity can cause the entire product to be thrown away immediately before being shipped. Other fields such as materials engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, precision gas, aerospace technology, cosmetics, sewage treatment, military … also apply clean room.

In Vietnam, the demand for clean rooms is increasing in hospitals such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics – semiconductors, food – beverages …

Catch the trend

Having more than 10 years of experience in consulting, designing, manufacturing, supplying, constructing and installing clean rooms, designing clean rooms for pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, and beverage industries. AIRTECH The Long Joint Stock Company has built and put into operation the factory in Tan Quang Industrial Cluster (Van Lam, Hung Yen). However, due to the great demand of the market, the current capacity of the factory was not enough.

Realizing the potential of applying clean rooms in Vietnam, at the same time, anticipating the integration trend, preparing carefully for the movement of foreign enterprises into Vietnam, AIRTECH The Long will invest a project. a factory producing medical equipment and cleaning technology in VSIP Cam Dien – Luong Dien industrial park (Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province).

The project has a total investment of over 10 million USD (phase I) and is built on a land area of ​​over 1 ha, with a 2-storey factory design that will create a large and closed production area. sealed from raw material to product. The plant was started in October 2018, and is expected to go into operation in May 2019.

Airtech The Long’s factory will provide the market with air filters (Epa, Hepa, Ulpa, Pre-filter, Bag – filter), fan air filter (FFU, BFU, HFU), mobile clean room, air shower, passbox, biosafety cabinets, toxic fume hoods; drying cabinets; chemical cabinets, laboratory tables … In particular, the factory will receive close technical support from AIRTECH Japan, helping to ensure strict quality.

Sharing the investment decision, Mr. Nguyen Khac Long, General Director of the Company, said: “Domestic demand for clean room applications is increasing day by day. On the other hand, more and more large technology corporations of the world are coming to Vietnam, so we decided to build a modern and large factory to catch up with this trend. ”

Pioneering breakthrough

With over 10 years of experience in the clean room field, AIRTECH The Long’s project will realize the role of a pioneer in this relatively new field in Vietnam. Not only that, with the selection of VSIP Hai Duong Industrial Park as a base, the factory will have many advantages when it is easy to meet the needs of most large customers and convenient for export. The new factory of AIRTECH The Long is also expected to create favorable conditions for Hai Duong province to attract investment capital from satellite companies, provide materials and services for the project’s activities, creating many jobs for local workers.

AIRTECH The Long’s factory is invested with advanced technologies and production lines in the world such as European standard automatic production line provided by Salvagnini Group (Italy); ABB welding robots, ABB automatic paint lines, G7 water supply production lines, measuring and testing equipment from famous American and Japanese brands, etc. Applying modern technology to help the factory reduce minimizing environmental impacts. Business representative said: “Not only comply with strict regulations on production environment in the industrial park, we also focus on investing in solid waste treatment in the construction and installation stages”.

In addition, according to Mr. Long, during the operation of the plant, the issue of waste water, fire prevention and fighting will be particularly noted. The plant will collect and treat waste water proactively before putting it into the common collection and treatment system in the industrial park. The company has established training plans, propaganda, items related to fire prevention and fighting and allocates funding for this activity every year.

AIRTECH The Long is an enterprise specializing in consulting, designing, manufacturing, supplying, constructing and installing clean rooms for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, and beverages.

AIRTECH The Long has been granted the certificate of quality management ISO9001: 2015.

Hotline: 02438737717

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