Airtech The Long started the Medical Equipment and Cleaning Technology Factory project

Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company has just started construction of a medical equipment and cleaning technology factory in VSIP Hai Duong Industrial Zone. The project has a total investment of over VND 200 billion. Project scale with a total area of ​​10,017m2; Construction area 6,071m2; In which, the main factory consists of 2 floors with a total area of ​​10,648 m2 for production; 3-storey office building with a total used area of ​​1,470 m2; Internal roads and auxiliary works: 1,915m2; Area planted with trees is 2,093m2.

This is a big project, marking a new development step of the company in the field of consulting, design, production, supply, construction and installation of clean rooms, medical equipment, applications clean technology for pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food and beverage industries, to meet domestic and export needs.

The project of a medical equipment and cleaning technology factory was born to improve production capacity, meet market demands for using clean technology, at the same time create more jobs and improve life for workers.

Regarding the decision to choose VSIP Hai Duong Industrial Park as the location to invest in the construction of the factory, according to Airtech The Long, as well as that the geographical location is the land located in the center of the Northern Delta, a key economic area in the north, Hai Duong is also the hometown of the major shareholders of the Company.

Earlier, in early 2017, Airtech The Long completed procedures for joint-venture contract, technical cooperation with Japan Airtech Group – the leading brand in Japan and the region in the field of manufacturing clean room equipment.

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Airtech The Long in October 2018

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