Enterprise culture class

Corporate culture, rooted in values

At the core of corporate culture is the entrepreneurial spirit and the value standpoint of the corporation. In the book Civilization enriching and the source of wealth of Dr. Vuong Quan Hoang, we have been mentioned the concept of value. In simple terms, value is something that people feel is important and useful. The words “Important” and “Useful” are very notable in building corporate culture. Because it is very difficult for company leaders to build corporate culture, if not convey the benefits that corporate culture brings. Employees should be educated to realize that wearing employee IDs, wearing uniforms is a sign of pride in being a member of the company, and is useful for their work, not for advertise through their wearing it.       

Many leaders make the mistake of imposing culture without evoking their employees’ awareness of cultural values. If it is not possible to careful explain the benefits of the corporate cultural values system ​​to the internal organization, it is inevitable that all forms of implementation are movement. The question is, what values ​​are reasonable and which values ​​are unreasonable. This depends a lot on each individual organization, but overall, there are some values ​​that are highly appreciated within the organization in Vietnam:

  • Honesty (showing that you are telling the truth, not lying, making a commitment to doing what you promise and making sure what you will do)
  • Self-awareness (expressed in a level ready to work, not afraid of difficulties, working hard for the benefit of the organization)
  • Cleverness (knowing what to say, asking what to ask, debating what is worth discussing and arranging what is most reasonable)

In addition, there are some other values ​​mentioned such as confidence, creativity … These values ​​will be the foundation for the corporate culture.

In fact, culture exists objectively and every business has its own culture. It’s just how culture is expressed and whether the business discovers good values ​​to promote and those that aren’t good to change. Corporate culture derives from the smallest, specific, non-generic.

Aware of the importance of Corporate Culture for the sustainable development of the company, On 23rd July 2017, the Board of Directors of Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company organized the “Corporate Culture Class” at the Company Office for all employees, taught directly by lecturer Dr. Ngo Trung Hoa..

The lesson took place in a fun, exciting and rewarding atmosphere. Through the classroom, employees learned about the concept of Corporate Culture, the importance of Corporate Culture to the long-term development of the Company as well as how to build Corporate Culture.

                                        All staff sang the song The Long started the lesson
                                                  The Long Company employees are excited in the classroom
                      Teams discuss together to build the core values ​​of the Enterprise
                Mr. Nguyen Tai Son – Project Director presented the issue of core business values

Thanks to the Board of Directors and Dr. Ngo Trung Hoa for bringing a useful lesson for all employees of Airtech The Long Joint Stock Company. After this lesson, you have gained new knowledge and values ​​for yourself. See you in the next lessons of The Long Company./

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