General Director of Airtech The Long meet Korean counterpart

From August 6-8, 2019, representatives of Korean Airtech visited The Long Airtech Joint Stock Company. The two sides worked happily and signed great value contracts.

Receiving an invitation from the General Director of The Long Airtech Joint Stock Company, the representative – Director of Korea Woolee Airtech Co., Ltd. Mr. Lee Heung Jae had a visit to the factory and worked at the Company for 3 days.


On August 6, 2019, representatives of Woolee Airtech Co., Ltd. Korea paid a visit to Air Cleaning Technology And Medical Equipment Producing Factory in VSIP industrial park, Hai Duong province . The Korean representative highly appreciated the professional, modernity and investment of the new factory, promising to cooperate and bring long-term values in the future.

The meeting took place with an open atmosphere, both sides agreed on quality production contracts. The relationship between The Long Airtech and Korean Airtech has been developing fast, efficiently and comprehensively in many fields. Cooperation between the two companies in the future promises to continue to be promoted and deepened.

Airtech The Long August 13,2019

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